A Meeting of Ibero-American Artists to Represent the Bicentennial of The Supreme Court of Spain

A Meeting of Ibero-American Artists to Represent the Bicentennial of The Supreme Court of Spain

The inaugural event will be held in the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Spain (1812 – 2012) in Madrid on June 18, 2012

These Ibero-American master artists have been selected for their important international reputation and have the honor of are representing their respective nations at the Bicentennial of the Supreme Court of Spain

Awards on behalf of the Bicentennial of the Supreme Court of Spain will feature the following artists: Spain: Jose Maria Yturralde, USA: Don Archer, Mexico: Jose Luis Cuevas, Guatemala: Rodolfo Abularach, Nicaragua: Omar D’Leon, Republic Dominican Rosa Tavarez, Venezuela: Oswaldo Vigas, Peru: Fernando de Szyszlo, Honduras: Armando Lara, Portugal: Alberto Carneiro Paraguay: Carlos Colombino, Cuba: Enrique Ubieta, Ecuador: Monica Castillo Sarmiento, El Salvador: Carlos Cañas, Uruguay: Miguel Herrera Zorrila, Bolivia: Zilveti Luis, Argentina: Leopoldo Maler,  Puerto Rico: Luis Hernandez Cruz, Panama: Olga Sinclair, Chile: Ivan Contreras Brunet, Costa Rica: Felo Garcia, Colombia: Antonio Samudio, Brazil: Louis Villani.

Among the art critics that have contributed to the Ibero-American culture are: France: Gerard Xuriguera, South America: Marianne de Tolentino and Bélgica Rodriguez, Spain: Roman de la Calle. As great examples of of Ibero and Latin American Art these are the only official artists and artistic representatives of the Bicentenario del Tribunal Supremo de España an event curated by the Gallery CosmoArte Century XXV, in collaboration with the Fundación Carlos III Instituto Cervantes, New York

 Special mention to for assistance with this event:
QCC Art Gallery City University of New York
Galería Nacional de Bellas Artes, Republica Dominicana
Galería CosmoArte Siglo XXV, España and New York
Centro de Artes Visuales/Museo del Barro, Paraguay
Museo de Arte de El Salvador
Museo José Luis Cuevas , México
MOCA: Museum of Computer Art, New York

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